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Léa Mortier d'Aumont

Léa Mortier d’Aumont is an art therapy intern with experience working with children and teenagers in social pediatrics and adults in private practice. In order to complete her third and last internship to obtain her master’s degree in art therapy, she offers art therapy services to children from 6 to 12 years old who wish to work on their emotion’s regulation. Sessions will be offered in individual consultation in French or in English.  

According to the Art-therapist Quebec Association (AATQ), «Art therapy is defined as a therapeutic accompaniment approach that uses artistic materials, the creative process, the image and dialogue [aimed] at self-expression, self-awareness, and/or [the changing of consulting patients] ». 

In her therapeutic approach, Léa favors play in order to allow the child to regain pleasure, to identify and express their emotions, to listen to their needs and boundaries in a safe and confidential space. The child can thus develop self-knowledge, autonomy and creative potential. The goal is that he regains self-confidence in order to contribute to their personal development. Léa values the approach through the process that focuses on the artistic approach rather than the esthetic purpose of the creation. She is also inspired by the gestalt approach where the power of transformation can be done in the here and now. Being given the tools from an early age, children regain confidence in their strengths and skills to continue their life path.

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